About Us


When it comes to online marketing, we’re all about results. We bring the attitude and operations of a Special Forces team to the online marketing world and approach every project as a top secret task.

Unlike other marketing agencies out there, Tradimax works directly with marketing teams inside of big companies like Facebook, Google & TripAdvisor. Led by Sam Goldfarb, our extensive experience in this high-tech realm enables us to offer unique online marketing services.


Our Clients

We’ve got clients from around the world. What does that mean for you? It mean that whether you’re located in the US, China or another remote location around the world, we’ve got you covered.

Our specialties are designed to fit the needs of businesses everywhere. Whether you’re a hotel chain, government agency, public figure, politician or retail store, we’re the company that cares about your specific needs as a client and works hard to get you results.


Our Team

The Special Operations team here at Tradimax is made up of hi-tech veterans with extensive knowledge of the online marketing world. From programmers to graphic designers and more, we only hire the best personnel for the job so that no matter who you’re working with, your mission will get completed.


History Of Tradimax

Our company is one of the foremost companies in online marketing. We weren’t always this way though; and it was only through hard work and dedication that we were able to grow our marketing plan.

Tradimax was founded by Sam Goldfarb, a computer engineer and expert in online marketing and social media as marketing tools for businesses. With these tools, over 10 years experience in the tech field, and a Master’s in Business Administration, Sam has grown Tradimax into a company that plays a powerful role in influencing social media for businesses.

Known as the “Doctor for websites,” Sam identifies potential problems for websites and implements changes in order to increase sales and profits. He’s worked in the technical field at firms like Hewlett Packard (HP) and Zapper Technologies. You can also find his book, “Facebook For Business” on Amazon if you’re in the mood for a little hands-on research.

Facebook For Business” available on Amazon.

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