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Marketing is Changing.

Are you ready for the Zero Moment of Truth?

From television infomercials to all the online shopping sites flooding the internet today, it’s clear that that way we shop is changing and changing fast. New strategies and marketing campaigns are essential to success for companies looking to cash in – but how can anyone keep up?

Whether you’re looking to market to families in need of corn flakes or high-powered executives on their next flight across the country, there’s no doubt that the Internet has changed the way people buy, and that’s why people is always connected to the Internet with mobile connections or even using wifi hotspots you can take anywhere you want and are easy to get in sites like

People have become their own private investigators when it comes to digital exploration. They seek out online ratings and social media-based peer reviews;
they watch videos and read in-depth product details. Marketing has evolved and companies need to evolve their strategies to fit alongside the changing shape of shopping.

We like to call this online decision-making process the Zero Moment of Truth – or simply, ZMOT.

The online community is changing daily, can your business keep up?

Here at Tradimax, we aim to be two steps ahead of the game at all times when it’s online marketing we’re dealing with.
With such a new market, there are no hard and fast rules to deal with, no correct number of steps and no one-size-fits-all solution.

E-commerce varies dramatically between platforms and business models and we work intimately with each of our clients to develop strategies and measure conversion rates that work best with their goals.
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