PPC Services

Tradimax has specialized in paid search since 2007, working with Google AdWords, Bing, remarketing, display and paid social, so you can trust that our strategy will bring you the expected results.

Tripadvisor Advertising

Through our Tripadvisor advertising service, we help your hotel rank better and boost bookings.

Google Ads

We’re experts in understanding the language of users and find the best keywords to match their search intents.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Through our Facebook and Instagram advertsing service, we help you reach your target audience and increase your sales within a shorter time . 

TikTok Ads

TikTok allows you to reach millions of people around the world. We make sure that your ad will show up to your potential customers, coming back to you with the best results.

Amazon PPC

We help you improve your brand awareness and redirect the users to your website.


With our remarketing service, we help you serve PPC ads to users that have previously visited your website.
So, you keep reminding them of your offers and increase your chances of increasing your conversion rate.