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For the first time in history, companies have the potential to reach more than 900 million people at one time, in one place. We’re talking about Facebook, where various groups of diverse people across the globe are connected by one central hub. Facebook has the potential for expansive reach and if done right, it’s a marketer’s dream.
Here at Tradimax, we provide comprehensive, integrated Facebook campaign strategies for companies everywhere. Our team of experts develops advertising campaigns and branded pages specifically designed to increase brand awareness, “Likes” and sales.


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Why Use Facebook?

Facebook is more than a form of social media, Facebook is an opportunity for companies looking to spread the word about their great products or services. With facebook you can…

  • Create a unique, brand identity
  • Promote word-of-mouth advertising
  • Refer customers to a company-based, community
  • Update fans fast
  • Upload promotional videos and share them with ease


Facebook Marketing Services

Here at Tradimax, we know how to harness the power of Facebook. We offer comprehensive service packages, each designed to maximize web presence and realize the marketing power of Facebook. Our services include:

  • Structured development of Facebook campaign strategies
  • Professional & effective page design to increase brand awareness and overall sales
  • Strategic input for successful Facebook brand management
  • Targeted advertising campaign creation
  • Campaign adjustment recommendations through result reports

When you work with a company like Tradimax, you get more than a simple campaign strategy or limited success. Our team of dedicated professionals won’t stop working with you until your Facebook campaign is thriving. We work for real results and continual success, enhancing your Facebook image with our proactive marketing approach.


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