Tripadvisor Advertising – TripAds

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Tripadvisor:

TripAdvisor Advertising – TripAds


Now, hotels can get the same privilege which belongs to BIG travel sites such as & Expedia

This is a BIG opportunity for hotels.


Get 3 Direct Links (Get Direct Traffic)

  1. Direct Traffic from “Show Prices”.


  2. Direct Traffic from the “BIG Professional Photo”.


  3. Direct Traffic from  “Exit Pages 


Tripadvisor advertising


Win In Many Ways:

    1. Increase branding of your official site.
      The “Billboard effect”, more exposure leads to bookings for short & long term.


    2. Influence buying decisions on all booking channels:
      Phone, Travel Agents & Online (official site & Travel Sites).
      Help potential clients to focus & book your hotel on all channels.


    3. Let users know about special deals that are available just on your official site.
      In most cases special deals are available on official sites.


    4. Don’t just rely on travel sites, they want to sell your competitors as well.
      Once users land on Travel Agent sites they are offered other hotels.


    5. Send users directly to your website.
      Users land in your booking engine & your home page.


    6. users will remember the name of your site.
      Can bring you direct bookings for short & long term.



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