Facebook Marketing FAQ

  • Q. What are the benefits of Facebook Marketing to my business?
  • A. Facebook uses of targeted marketing to promote your business. When fans join your Facebook page, a display on their mini-feed announces to all their friends that they have become a fan of your business. When your fans’ friends click on that story, they are directed to your page, making your traffic increase in a pyramid effect. Unlike a personal Facebook profile page, Facebook business pages are visible to everyone and new “fans” can join automatically without waiting for confirmation.
  • Q. Can I send messages to my fans?
  • A. Yes, you can send updates to your fans and can even include rich media attachments or links. Fans can choose not to receive updates from your Facebook page, so it’s important to monitor the frequency and relevance of updates.
  • Q. Can I get contact information for all my fans?
  • A. No, but you can see certain demographic information on your Insights page, and can reply back if your fans post questions on your wall. To get more information about your fans, you can invite them to sign up for your company’s mailing list, where you can solicit for more information.
  • Q. How do I control what people post on my Facebook page’s wall?
  • A. You can delete any posting on your wall, discussion board or review if you deem it to be inappropriate. If you find that a particular user is constantly posting inappropriate content, you can permanently block the user.

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