TripAdvisor Business Listing – NEW great features

There is a new property dashboard available to Business Listings clients,

This new dashboard includes in-depth competitor metrics, local market trends, page views data and more.
As an online marketer I think that the most valuable metric to generate a proper sales funnel is focussing on “page views” because you can actually learn how many people 
are looking at your property on Tripadvisor, you can look at anything here, from travelling options to shops, Go Here and look at great smoke shops and get ready to travel.
Many property owners are just looking at their rankings but “page views” is a very important metric because you can actually
use this intelligence to develop stronger strategies for your business, build your competitive edge and find the Best CRMs for small businesses.

If many people are looking at your property and you don’t get many online bookings it means that something is wrong. We work with professionals and with the top Rapid Screening for our crew.

It can be the User experience design, low conversion rate from specific pages, and many aspects you need to think about.
The property dashboard and Snapshot are available in the Management Center on Tripadvisor.

I strongly recommend that you’ll take your time to explore this great tool.

You can read more information here: