Tripadvisor – New Strategy & Important inisghts

TripAdvisor wants to become a leading hotel meta search player, this new technology has been implemented in the site in the last few months and will be available to all users in the coming months,
right now Tripadvisor is doing many tests worldwide and their strategy is to implement it for all travel needs: Trains, Flights, Hotels, Activities, Restaurants, etc.


So what’s the big deal? and what is Meta Search?

A metasearch engine is a search tool that sends user requests to several databases and aggregates the results into a single list or displays them according to their source. Metasearch engines enable users to enter search criteria once (like: Check In & Check Out dates) and access several databases simultaneously.
This also may save the user from having to use multiple search queries separately.

As for Tripadvisor users it means searching multiple data sources in real time for specific dates (real time search on, Expedia, official site, etc.).
The user will be able to enter check-in & check-out dates and, view Tripadvisor and compare room prices for all hotels for a specific date,  It will make the comparison shopping easier for the user so they will not need to re-enter their vacation dates again & again.


Tripadvisor is doing a few interesting things:


1. Change in homepage – More focus on prompting users to select dates:





2. Presentation of room prices  (instead of “Show Prices” button)


“Show Prices” button will be changed and the user will be shown prices for a specific date from many sources. Right now when the user clicks on “Show Prices”, usually 3 travel sites are opened, so the change will be that once the user will click on the Travel Agent or Official site link (with the room price) he will go directly to the site he clicked on.

According to Tripadvisor tests, using the new layout of “Meta” (Meta Search with rooms prices) has increased online conversions & decreased the amount of clicks.






The latest changes will help Hotel Advertisers to improve their business:


1. Increase branding of their official site. The “Billboard effect”, more exposure leads to bookings for short & long term.


2. Influence buying decisions on all booking channels:
Phone, Travel Agents & Online (official site & Travel Sites).
Help potential clients to focus & book their hotel on all channels.


3. Let users know about special deals that are available just on the official site.
In most cases special deals are available on official sites.


4. Not just rely on travel sites, they want to sell other competitors as well.
Once users land on Travel Agent sites they are offered other hotels.


5. Send users directly to official website.
Users land in the booking engine & official home page.


6. Users will remember the name of the official site.
Can bring in short & long term direct bookings.


So what’s the future for hotel sites?
Surely it will be the introduction of Meta Search engines for official sites,  the user will just click his travel dates and will be offered with specific special deals, room rates, all hotels available, etc.
It will save time for the users and will increase the booking rates & satisfaction of users.