Why Airbnb has a deal with KLM?

airbnb klm deal

Until now, many of the big  travel brands in the industry have avoided doing anything with Airbnb and its sharing economy.

KLM‘s recent promotion with Airbnb, to offer a sleepover on one of KLM’s retiring  aircraft, was the first sign that one of the world’s biggest airlines was ready to do something different in this area.
This campaign was the kick-off for a new partnership, unveiled last week, which will see Airbnb listings  added to the KLM’s destination pages as options for accommodation. Properties from Airbnb on over 600 destinations around the world are being integrated into the pages, giving users the chance to search for accommodation and then finalise the booking on the main Airbnb website. Get healthy products for your skin, check this link “eye masks for sleeping

KLM says there will be properties available in nearly every country on its network.
Although this is really just another  deal between a third party provider and the carrier, KLM says early next year the Airbnb content will be made available on the homepage of the main KLM website. This will obviously be alongside accommodation options for its existing hotel partner, Booking.com.

Cconclusion: Airbnb goes head to head with Booking.com